GigaSpaces XAP Event Driven Architecture

Comprehensive, mature application platform that provides the simplest path to production:

  • All the building blocks for extreme application scalability in the processing stack
  • Operational readiness that enables faster time-to-market, zero-downtime, and maximum resource utilization
  • Complementary suite of robust, enterprise-grade management and monitoring tools

Open Interfacing Layer

Supports any language, any platfrom, any API
Achieve interoperability, easy migration, reduced learning curves, and faster time to market by leveraging existing assets – such as code and programming expertise – through:

  • Standard API Support: Memcached, SQL, JPA, Spring, REST, Java Map and more.
  • Multi-language Interoperability: Java, C++, .Net…
  • Multi-platform Support: Any OS, physical or virtual
  • API Mashup: Easily leverage modern APIs alongside existing standard APIs – enables you to use the right tool for the job at hand.

Elastic Application Container

End-to-end-scalable execution environment with elastic deployment to meet extreme throughput requirements

  • Linear scalability: Elastically deployed/provisioned to cope with extreme demand/throughput
  • Flexibility: Running a variety of application logic, from simple web module to complex event processing
  • Simpler to move into production:
    • Smooth, risk-free deployment through identical development and production environments
    • Faster deployment through eliminating silos
    • Continuous deployment with no downtime

Unified In-Memory Services

Data access, messaging, parallel processing services, to speed up your app and provide an

  • In-memory speed: Delivering unmatched performance by removing all physical I/O bottlenecks from the runtime flow
  • Scalability: Intelligently distribute any data and messaging load across all available resources
  • Capacity: Support terabytes of application data
  • High Availability: Built-in hot backup and self-healing capabilities for zero downtime
  • Consistency: Maintain data integrity with 100% transactional data handling

Web Container

XAP can host your java web modules so your application is entirely managed and scaled on a single platform, providing load balancing and extreme throughput, and ensuring end to end scalability.

Virtualized Deployment Infrastructure

Any environment, anytime, anywhere – traditional data center, public/private cloud, or hybrid
Isolate the runtime environment, physical address, and platform type from your application. The system takes care of provisioning your application onto the best available resources, and self adjusts to maintain utilization levels as machine availability changes over time.

Real-Time SLA Assurance Engine

Optimize IT resource utilization

  • Dynamic resource allocation: Automatic or manual – to avoid over-provisioning and/or under-utilization
  • Automatic failover and self healing: Automatically recover from failures to maintain consistent SLA throughout the application life cycle
  • Automation of manual processes: Provisioning , deployment, scaling and failover.

Management & Monitoring Engine

Production-grade control and visibility

  • Out-of-the-box multi-dimensional monitoring:
    • Operational: Services availability and topology
    • Application: Deep level business logic and data monitoring
    • Scalability: Load balancing and throughput monitoring
    • Utilization: Resource utilization tracking
  • Fully managed platform:
    • Remote services control
    • Provision interface for integration with external tools and processes
    • Security – easily integrates with existing security mechanisms via JAAS
  • Intuitive, comprehensive, user-friendly graphical interface: Short learning curve, fast time to service.
  • Open Interfacing Layer

  • Elastic Application Container

  • Unified In-Memory Services

  • Web Container

  • Virtualized Deployment Infrastructure

  • Real-Time SLA Assurance Engine

  • Management & Monitoring Engine


XAP - Product Architecture