Fast Data Processing
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Editions Overview

XAP scales with your business needs, from simple data processing, to complex transactional workloads, all the way to leveraging hybrid storage and data center tiers. Learn more below to find the edition that's right for your use case.
XAP Open Source
Use XAP Open Source to discover the potential of an In-Memory Data Grid with rich performance capabilities and extreme low latency. This edition is 100% open source.
XAP Premium
Ready to go to production? Use our feature-rich management, monitoring and high availability capabilities as well as security and language interoperability.
XAP Enterprise
Go beyond a single data center/storage in-memory data grid by leveraging our multi-tier data storage functionality (MemoryXtend). Ensure continuous uptime with
multi-data center replication.
Scaling the data tier
  • Store your data in-memory to overcome relational database bottlenecks
  • Replicate and partition your data for high availability
  • Asynchronus write-behind to the database to eliminate contention
Extreme transaction processing (XTP)
  • Co-locate your data and business logic for ultra low latency processing at high throughput
  • Leverage transactional consistency at every layer of the architecture
  • Implement complex workflows and trigger processing logic in real time
Batch processing of large data sets
  • Asynchronous distributed processing for reliable, fast and cost effective handling of large data sets.
  • Implement map/reduce and master/worker patterns at scale via a simple API
Scaling the web tier
  • Improve business continuity and reduce TCO by scaling your web services tier on XAP
  • Elastically scale your web services tier and automatically load balance across web instances
  • Implement highly available HTTP session clustering and replication across different application servers and data centers
  • Leverage enterprise-ready monitoring and instrumentation for your web tier
Achieving business continuity
  • Keep your business functioning with consistent SLA for your mission-critical applications.
  • Provide continuous uptime of your applications with monitoring and self-healing.
  • Eliminate single points-of-failure with hot backups and data replication.
  • Add resources to maintain performance under heavy data loads with elastic scale out
Visibility and management
  • Proactively analyze your infrastructure health and production readiness 
  • Create customizable historical reports and metrics-analysis via Grafana dashboards and the Metrics API
  • Provide seamless integration with enterprise monitoring solutions (CA Wiley, HPOM)

How it works

  • Overview
  • Performance
  • Linear Scalability
  • High Availability
  • XAP enables your entire app to run entirely on a single platform with all the tiers collapsed into one container.
  • XAP gives you fast data access by storing ALL your data in-memory. It also ensures high availability with in-memory backup within each container.
  • XAP scales your app automatically & on demand.
  • XAP stores terabytes of application data in memory, close to the business logic that needs to access this data.
  • There are no transaction delays from physical I/O, database connection pool or network bandwidth issues. 
  • XAP processes your entire app in-memory,  helping you achieve superior performance.
  • No more endless runtime on code optimization & SQL tuning.
  • XAP enables partitioning of data into self-contained processing units, and provides mechanisms to elastically deploy application units to handle any load and to dynamically allocate resources for optimized utilization.
  • You get linear scalability, optimized load balancing and smart resource utilization. 

  • XAP guarantees zero downtime, with hot backup and automatic recovery from failure, as well as multi-dimensional monitoring capabilities to quickly locate operational and functional problems.


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