MemoryXtend Flash Performance Big Data

Analyze terabytes of data in Real Time at a fraction of the cost

Store,process & analyze data heavy applications in real time and with less ram footprint.
Get near-real-time parallel initial load of huge data sets for business continuity

Less hardware
Real time data processing & analysis
No vendor lock-in
Handle increasing amounts of data
XAP MemoryXtend provides an optimized access to any SSD - allowing a hybrid storage model where hot data is stored on RAM and historical data is stored on an external SSD or flash array. MemoryXtend is available as part of the XAP Enterprise Edition.

Multi-Tier Data Storage Architecture


case study

Case Study: Supporting Data Growth and Faster Processing of Mission-Critical Data with GigaSpaces' MemoryXtend
Wolters Kluwer Health provides near real-time clinical content, clinical decision support and drug information for use by front-line clinicians at hundreds of hospitals and other healthcare organizations worldwide. The systems relied upon to provide this information must be highly performant, reliable, and scalable. Whenever IT maintenance on Sentri7 is required, it is necessary to restart the grids, often taking anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to complete the process. With GigaSpaces' MemoryXtend, this process can be done 20 times faster. Read the case study to learn more about MemoryXtend.

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XAP MemoryXtend Flash Performance Big Data