XAP for Healthcare IT

  • Processing millions of messages per day.
  • Thousands of custom rules
  • Multiple hospitals.
  • Rapid and secure information sharing.

GigaSpaces’ XAP In-Memory Computing Platform can process these messages in < 5 seconds and generates actionable decisions.

Meet XAP

XAP provides an end-to-end solution to accommodate the needs of complex healthcare applications and requirements.

XAP enables delivery of fast patient intelligence, effective information sharing across portals and users, and clinical workflow automation, making it possible for organizations to provide efficient, accurate and effective care.

XAP enables your entire app to run entirely on a single platform with all the tiers collapsed into one container. The platform gives you fast data access by storing ALL your data in-memory, ensuring high availability and scaling your app automatically and on-demand.

End-to-end elasticity enables all system components to scale as resource requirements increase.


Accommodating high throughput messages with terabytes of data, maintaining interaction across applications and users, complying with increasing regulatory requirements and keeping IT costs at a minimum are only some of the challenges faced by healthcare IT.

Meet the rising challenges with XAP In-Memory Computing

Increased Traffic High throughput messages (HL7, EMR, etc) processing of various formats and content from various sources

With GigaSpaces XAP, the message processing components are fused with their data and integrated onto a single platform. Co-located data, messaging and processing mean that all the data is immediately available, no matter how complex, with no network hops, vastly speeding up processing.

Interactive applications (Physician Portal, ePrescribe, etc) need to support more users and different types of users.

With XAP, web applications and services can “live in the grid,” and be called by a variety of protocols (eg: SOAP, REST, JSON, etc). XAP’s extreme scaling supports hundreds of thousands of users, which cannot be done with legacy tier architecture.

Regulatory requirements around data integrity and auditing

Since XAP stores your data in-memory and on disk with real-time replication and self-healing capabilities, your system will not go down and you will not lose data.

Traditional auditing approaches slow down the business logic. With XAP, rapid auditing is performed transactionally and asynchronously, without impacting the performance of business logic.

Cost containment

XAP enables maximized resource utilization because the logic and data are co-located, which eliminates latency due to network or storage. Spend a lot less money for the same throughput as with legacy architecture.

With XAP as your single platform, save on costs of expensive RDBMS and storage HW/SW/middleware.

Use Cases

Hundreds of enterprises worldwide use XAP to manage their mission-critical applications, with several in the healthcare industry.

Case 1: Pharmacy OneSource: Large-scale Clinical Decision Support

Pharmacy OneSource uses GigaSpaces XAP to handle over 3 million messages per day and deliver patient intelligence in less than 5 seconds.


By utilizing GigaSpaces XAP for scaling and high-availability, Pharmacy OneSource was able to double their capacity while saving over $900,000 in CapEx.

Case 2: Hub and Spoke Custom Integration

A large healthcare IT vendor uses GigaSpaces XAP to provide custom interfacing in a “hub and spoke” model to its customers in a Platform as a Service. The vendor provides hospitals with innovative analytics and semantic normalization that would simply be beyond the capacity of their in-house IT organization.


Unlike other in-memory data grids, XAP scales both data and processing. Since integration requires a highly-available, highly-reliable, low-latency solution that is also compute intensive, only GigaSpaces XAP offers the maturity and enterprise features this vendor demanded.  


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