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Discover the potential of in-memory computing by leveraging space-based architecture patterns, event-processing, map/reduce with zero limitations.

Free forever (under Apache2)

Enterprise edition

Everything in the Premium Edition plus:
Multi-tier data storage (MemoryXtend) as well as continuous uptime through multi-data center replication.

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Editions Comparison

  Open Source Premium Enterprise
Partitioned and Active-Active Cluster Topologies
Rich Extensible Query Language
Multiple Data Models
Deploy or Execute Code on the Grid
Distributed Transactions
Highly Available via In Memory Backups
Deployment and Lifecycle Management  
REST Cloud-Native Orchestration  
Administration And Monitoring Tools  
Cross Language Interoperability  
Client Side Caching  
Partitioned Network Strategies  
Tiered Storage (MemoryXtend) - SSD    
Tiered Storage (MemoryXtend) - Off-Heap RAM    
Multi-Data Center Replication    
Global HTTP Session Replication and Clustering    



Choose the Correct License for GigaSpaces XAP:

GigaSpaces XAP is offered in a variety of license models, including perpetual, annual subscription, and pay per use.

For GigaSpaces flexible OEM pricing models, please contact oem@gigaspaces.com

For more details on the license fees of the perpetual model and annual subscription, please contact sales@gigaspaces.com



Professional Services Offering


GigaPro Consulting

GigaPro™ addresses the challenges of all the stages of implementation, from the initial business needs assessment, through design, development, staging, and commissioning, all the way to the complete transition to production. GigaSpaces experts have developed this methodology based on years of best practices experience generated in a wide variety of projects for multiple industries.

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Field Engineering

GigaSpaces Field Engineering is part of GigaPro Assisted Development for XAP. Our team of highly skilled application engineers will work with you on end-to-end design, development and testing of your application features within XAP. Numerous GigaSpaces customers have succeeded in greatly reducing their time-to-market by leveraging our Field Engineering team's expertise.

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GigaSpaces University

Our GigaSpaces University training classes are designed to arm you with best practices and know-how to get the most out of your applications. Our team of experts host both private and public trainings at locations worlwide.

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Technical Account Manager

GigaSpaces Technical Account Managers (TAM) work alongside customers to help them optimize their solution architecture to best meet their business needs. Get the most out of the GigaSpaces product portfolio with your TAM.

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