What's New in XAP 9.0?

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Real-Time Analytics for Big Data

In a time of growing demand for real-time business insights from fast & vast streams of data, you need a highly performing, scalable and reliable platform to provide you with all your real-time processing needs. By enhancing scalable event processing capabilities already available in previous versions, XAP 9 is geared for all your real-time analytics needs

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Manageability & Visibility

Mission-critical applications need mission-critical platforms. XAP 9 is the next step in our ongoing endeavor to support seamless management and complete visibility into your distributed applications and data. XAP 9 is the only application platform ready to onboard and manage your application either on-premises or on any cloud, without any code or architecture changes.

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Performance & Robustness

Performance and robustness are in XAP's DNA, and we work continually to beat our own performance peaks. XAP 9 extends the use of our optimized replication mechanism, to provide improved local view and event notification mechanisms, as well as a new range of storage modes for optimized performance


XAP 9.0. Feature Highlights

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FIFO Groups 

Ensure in-order and exclusive processing of events belonging to the same group, while parallelizing across groups

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Binary & Compressed Storage Types

Optimize performance with various storage modes for marshaled and un-marshaled data

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Built in Pub/Sub

Remote clients and services can subscribe to the processed data directly, without a need for additional messaging system.

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WAN Dynamic Topology API

Dynamically create and modify your multi-site replication topology

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Durable & Transactional Local View

Fully durable local view supports recovery from disconnections and offline mode, while maintaining full data consistency

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Deployment Lifecycle Visibility

Track cluster deployment and recovery using the web UI and Admin API

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Cloud Enablement

Deploy XAP with any other additional middleware tiers on any cloud environment

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App Dependencies

Deploy all your application modules with a single deployment unit, ensuring order of deployment, recovery and unemployment


What's New in XAP 9.0?