A Modern Microservices Approach for the Future of FinTech

A Modern Microservices Approach for the Future of FinTech

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Open banking is getting a big boost recently, in part by COVID, with the use of digital services as the primary means of conducting banking business. What was once a “futuristic” concept, open banking is now essential for financial institutions, including more and faster digital connectivity and more data availability to serve customers effectively.


Tal Doron, GigaSpaces AVP of Solution Architecture discusses how advances in new technologies are having a dramatic impact on every facet of banking. To drive innovation, banks are turning to a Microservices approach.  


In this presentation, you will learn about:

  • Why Open banking is a challenge for banks, and how they can overcome that challenge by deploying a microservices approach.
  • How microservices can play an important role in digital payment processing, fraud detection, regulatory compliance, etc.
  • A real life case study of Avanza Bank, a digital bank that grew their customer base 5x by leveraging GigaSpaces’ In-Memory Computing platform as the underlying core software architecture



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