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Gradually replace legacy systems of record with minimal impact on digital applications

Legacy systems of record (SoR) power core applications for many organizations, but many times can’t support the demanding requirements of new digital applications. This may mean bottlenecks, high latency, high access fees, and slow digital transformation. And the strong coupling between digital applications and the SoR makes it challenging to gradually modernize legacy systems.

Implementing a Digital Integration Hub with Smart DIH decouples your applications and your SoR and allows you to modernize at your own pace.


Modernize your legacy infrastructure with microservices-based APIs, and event-driven decoupled architecture. Your legacy data and processes can easily be consumed as digital assets on a low-latency, high performance in-memory platform which abstracts and simplifies the access to your enterprise data and operational systems; unifying your API and data strategies. Applications can scale indefinitely without increasing complexity. And replacing systems of record can happen at your own pace, with minimal disruption to digital services.

Power your digital applications with an in-memory cache or digital integration hub to offer a better customer and internal user experience. Data can be accessed with a millisecond latency even with high concurrency of users or transactions.
With a digital integration hub you can decouple your digital services from your legacy based systems of record. This way your data resides in a scalable, always-on high performance data store that can power digital applications even when a system of record is down for maintenance or otherwise unavailable.
Power the consumption of your legacy data and processes as cloud-based digital assets, in stages that meet your business needs. With a continuous modernization approach, you can start without making any changes (keeping the same interfaces) and then gradually migrate data and processes, based on hybrid, cloud or multi-cloud requirements. Intelligent data replication capabilities support filtering, custom aggregations and compression, ensuring optimized network utilization, privacy and security requirements. Encryption and anonymization of the data in transit supports privacy regulations such as GDPR.

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