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Get a 360 degrees view of your customer across siloed data stores and systems of record

Customer data is crucial to many of the services you provide your customers. A comprehensive view of the customer helps deliver a more holistic and complete customer experience. But many organizations have accumulated multiple systems of record and customer related systems over the years, which makes it difficult to obtain a complete view of the customer. Siloed business units, mergers and acquisitions make it even worse.

Implementing a Digital Integration Hub with Smart DIH decouples your applications and your SoR and allows you to modernize at your own pace.


With standardized data mixcroservices and event-driven decoupled architecture, it’s easy to access all your customer data. There is no need to use multiple APIs and different protocols, or to learn legacy systems of record. This means that developing and launching new digital services is faster than ever, and you can focus on innovation rather than waste time on figuring out how to access all the relevant data.

Power your digital applications with an in-memory digital integration hub to offer a better customer and internal user experience. Data can be accessed with a millisecond latency even with high concurrency of users or transactions.

With a digital integration hub you can decouple your digital services from your legacy systems of record. This way your data resides in a scalable, always-on high performance data store that can power digital applications even when a system of record is down for maintenance or otherwise unavailable.

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