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Protect your mission critical systems of record while reducing MIPS related costs

As businesses embark on digital transformation initiatives and continue to modernize their business operations, mainframe and AS/400 platforms are expected to support new operational workloads. These new transactions are added to already busy legacy systems of record which were not designed to support such loads. As a result, mainframe costs such as MIPS related license fees increase, while core mainframe applications are subject to bottlenecks and poor performance. 

Smart Cache and Smart DIH can help offload mainframe transactions to a modern in-memory data platform on any environment – on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud deployment, leaving core business applications intact. 


Reduce MIPS consumption with low-latency in-memory compute and storage which continuously captures the mainframe or AS/400 data. Your compute intensive workloads are shifted from the mainframe to run on GigaSpaces, while maintaining the original business logic.

Power your digital applications with an in-memory cache or digital integration hub to offer a better customer and internal user experience. Data can be accessed with a millisecond latency even with high concurrency of users or transactions.

With a digital integration hub you can decouple your digital services from your mainframe based systems of record. This way your data resides in a scalable, always-on high performance data store that can power digital applications even when the mainframe is down for maintenance or otherwise unavailable.

By offloading transactions from mainframe systems of record to a modern in-memory data platform you protect your core applications from overload and bottlenecks

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