Data Model

Often, applications are reliant on data from multiple systems, each saving the data in its own model.
When querying those system APIs directly, it is up to the application developer to understand the logical correlations between those schemas, for the purpose of performing cross-system references.

Also, the original data structures, while potentially being optimized for the use of core legacy applications, may not be optimized for the usage of modern operational or digital applications.

GigaSpaces enables the integration of data from different Systems of Record (SoRs) into a unified model,
abstracting the originating sources from the application developer.
While integrating the data, the original structure may be transformed to best support the target modern applications.

While GigaSpaces supports structured, semi-structured and unstructured data representations, in the context of a unified data model the recommendation is to restrict it to the first two options, to best utilize join operations.

Accessing and manipulating the data represented by this unified model is supported by the various data protocols
offered by GigaSpaces.

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