Storage Tiering

To increase effective data capacity, GigaSpaces provides a Tiered Storage mechanism, which automatically assigns data to different categories of storage types based on considerations of cost, availability, performance, and recovery.

Business rules, based on the data content and, data aging determine the appropriate tier for the data:


Hot Tier — RAM:  for priority data, for read/write operations that require the fastest access


Warm Tier — SSD:  (recommended media) used mostly for data that is read-only and is less frequently used

GigaSpaces Tiered Storage can increase effective data capacity by a factor of ten. To guarantee high performance, the user-defined tiered storage business policy needs to verify that the majority of queries will be against the hot tier.


GigaSpaces tiered storage mechanism
maintains the GigaSpaces’ IMDG advantages:


Heavy duty workloads: super-low latency, without transaction delays from the physical I/O, database connection pool, or network bandwidth issues


Transparency of actual data tier for any query:
from any analytical or operational tier, and combined tiers


Business continuity: hot backup, and automatic, instant recovery from failure, with zero downtime


Recovery from persistent tier


Multi-dimensional monitoring capabilities: quickly locate operational and functional problems

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