Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration system that automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications, enabling optimization of IT costs. It reduces development and release timeframes, improves software scalability and availability, and provides a smooth migration path to the cloud. In addition, Kubernetes offers flexibility for multi-cloud deployments. GigaSpaces offers one-click deployment. Install anywhere, using the same code, convention and DevOps stack.

GigaSpaces utilizes Kubernetes in a high-availability design that also enables a smooth upgrade process with no downtime, supporting self-healing, load-balancing, and fast-load mechanisms, ensuring no data loss.

kubernetes diagram

GigaSpaces uses standard Kubernetes tools to ensure:


Cloud-native orchestration automation with self-healing, cooperative multi-tenancy, and RBAC authorization


Supports automatic Pod failover behavior


Primary and backup instances are always on separate Kubernetes nodes


Supports Scaling In elasticity, and increases the number of partitions allocated to a service, which is usually less expensive than vertical scaling


Rolling upgrades can be automated and implemented pod by pod, using Kubernetes’ Stateful Sets


Support for Kubernetes Custom Resources Definition (CRD)

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