Data Operations
by Multiple Access Methods

Data operations supported by GigaSpaces include CRUD (create, read, update, delete) support as well as DDL
(data definition language) support. As an ACID-compliant platform, GigaSpaces provides interfaces to manage transactions through its data access methods and protocols.

The supported access methods include Java SDK, SQL API, .Net SDK and Rest API. The choice of protocol is usually made based on a combination of use case characteristics and compatibility with adjacent technologies.

For example, for use cases requiring extreme performance, Java is the recommended choice of access method
as it allows co-location of code and data, to be run within the same JVM. Also, Java is the most efficient communication method with core components.

data operations diagram

For data engineer users, SQL may be a more accessible option, with scalability being automatically served by the Data Gateway component. SQL is also the obvious choice for applications based on BI tools, for which the PostgreSQL wire protocol is utilized, so that no proprietary driver is required on the client side. Another popular usage of GigaSpaces SQL API is for ETL tools and for data exploration through popular IDEs such as DBeaver.

GigaSpaces .Net SDK supports both .Net Framework and .Net Core, with complete parity between the two. SQL may also be used in this environment, using the Data Gateway’s ODBC interface.

Lastly, Rest API into the data is useful for applications written in various programming languages and in modern system architectures. A popular example is Python. A common implementation is to deploy the containerized Python application on the same Kubernetes cluster as GigaSpaces, to avoid unnecessary network hops.

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