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React in Sub-Seconds Latency to Live Operational Data Through Predictive Analytics and Microservices Architecture

A Hybrid Transactional, Operational and Analytical Processing solution provides enterprises with real-time feedback over the business operations, fast innovation over insight-driven workloads, and the ability to unlock live operational intelligence across the business. InsightEdge Smart Augmented Transactions provides the necessary components of an HTAP architecture to combine transactions and analytics workloads in a single platform to empower real-time analytics immediately over transactional data.


Go from real-time data to actionable insights with low-latency data processing and analysis. Allow your organization to take immediate action for those times when acting within seconds or minutes is significant. Obtain the insight required to act prudently at the right time while maintaining high availability at all times.

Ensure business continuity and avoid high costs with AI-driven autonomous scaling up and out for transactional and analytical workloads to handle planned and unplanned peak events without performance degradation or downtime. Resource allocation is optimized to avoid overprovisioning on-premise and on the cloud.

No more ETL complexity and data movement, simplifying all DevOps. Unified access for Dev engineers and application developers to your hot, warm and cold data, simplifying development and maintenance, reducing time-to-market for deploying new applications and microservices.

Define and manage multiple data events and enable digital applications to subscribe to real-time events for critical decision-making. Scale up with more data and processing power based on your needs across hundreds of nodes.

With out-of-the-box, fully agnostic, cloud management functionality you can deploy across hybrid, cloud and multicloud environments with just one-click. The platform supports rolling upgrades, monitoring, scaling and recovery – all with no downtime.

Enterprise-grade and highly available with disk/database persistence, disaster recovery, self-healing functionality as well as upgrades and scaling without downtime. Geo-redundancy and fast data replication for disaster recovery. Data security and consistency is ensured between data centers and data stores including hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Learn how HTAP powers organizations to become insight driven.

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