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Run BI reports and visualization on fresh operational data for time-sensitive decision-making

Gain the necessary performance and scale required to support the growing need for real-time analysis and the visualization of fresh operational data for accurate time-sensitive decision making, self-service concurrency and data locality.

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GigaSpaces InsightEdge’s high-speed in-memory Smart Cache accelerates your existing BI tools by 10-30X with sharding, filtering and server-side dynamic aggregations. Fully SQL compliant, InsightEdge Smart Cache supports multi-criteria queries without the need to add resources.

You can run BI on mutable streaming and hot data, enriched with historical context so that you can visualize and understand your continuously updated operational data with low-latency interactive queries.

A high number of concurrent users is supported while retaining extreme performance. This is achieved by handling peak events through a distributed, highly-efficient, shared-nothing architecture. Autonomous scaling for transactional and analytical workloads, handles peak events without performance degradation or downtime; optimizing resource allocation to avoid overprovisioning on-premise and on the cloud.

One-click database integration supports faster time-to-market and ongoing data integration to radically reduce development overhead by automatically scanning the source data and metadata and mapping them to the GigaSpaces data model, indexing and data distribution. Data model changes are easily made, compatible with and leveraged by BI Tools, resulting in more reliable code integration, faster development, and less administration overhead.

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