Technical Solutions

Mainframe Modernization


Perfect your legacy strategy with elastic scale and agility while dramatically reducing costs

As businesses embark on digital transformation initiatives and continue to modernize their business operations, requirements are growing for enhancing workflow performance to better customer experience and to reduce costly operations. InsightEdge accelerates innovation and optimizes TCO by consuming legacy data and processes, across any environment, as digital assets in a modern, robust and secure in-memory data and analytics platform.



Dramatically Lower TCO by Up to 80%

Reduce MIPS consumption with a low-latency in-memory data fabric that continuously captures the mainframe data. Your compute-intensive workloads are shifted from the mainframe to run on GigaSpaces, while maintaining the original business logic.

Modernize Legacy Stacks and Accelerate Time to Market by 10X

Innovate your legacy infrastructure with microservices-based APIs, event-driven fast analytics, Spark and BI. Your legacy data and processes can easily be consumed as digital assets on a low-latency, high performance data and analytics platform which abstracts and simplifies the access to your enterprise data lake, data warehouse and operational systems; unifying your API and data strategies. Applications can scale indefinitely without increasing complexity.

Reduce Risk and Simplify Legacy to Cloud Migrations

Power the consumption of your legacy data and processes as cloud-based digital assets, in stages that meet your business needs. With a continuous modernization approach, you can start without making any changes (keeping the same interfaces) and then gradually migrate data and processes, based on hybrid, cloud or multi-cloud requirements. Intelligent data replication capabilities support filtering, custom aggregations and compression, ensuring optimized network utilization, privacy and security requirements. Encryption and anonymization of the data in transit supports privacy regulations such as GDPR.


Case Studies

Scalable Backbone for Credit Services
Centralized Account Authentication
Fraud and Money Laundering Detection in Real-Time
Predictive Maintenance and Route Optimization