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Millions of Transactions Per Second. 100% Consistency. High Availability.

GigaSpaces In-Memory Data Grid is a cloud-native high throughput and low latency application fabric that empowers real-time event-driven microservices and distributed applications at high scale. Top Fortune-500 organizations, within Finance, Retail, Telco, and Transportation, depend on our In-Memory Data Grid functionality for extreme transaction processing and real-time distributed applications.


Run your business logic close to where the data resides in a highly efficient, distributed, manner. Process millions of events at sub-second latency. Maintain data locality per site for performance and latency. Accelerate batch analytics jobs in order of magnitude from hours to minutes.

Scale up with more data and processing power based on your needs across hundreds of nodes. Deploy anywhere – Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid. Run on any hardware – from commodity hardware to Enterprise-grade machines.

Use a fully transactional, ACID-compliant in-memory data grid with a unified clustering layer to provide a highly available and reliable service, and strong consistency in the transaction level for accurate analytics.

Ensure business continuity for immediate recovery at no data loss, leverage multi-region support to protect against data center power failure and allow for auto-recovery and self-healing. Plan your disaster recovery strategy using our geo-redundancy capabilities to replicate your data and store this backup data in a separate physical location just in case one site fails.

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