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Replicate Your Data for Mission-Critical Applications Spanned Across Multi-Regions, Hybrid and Multicloud at Sub-Second Latency

You can easily deploy a data fabric across multi-geographical sites, cloud and multicloud regions at sub-second latency for business continuity and faster access with optimal network efficiency. Deployment and data replication optimizes the bandwidth and strain on the network while ensuring that the data is immediately available locally for any application and allows you to run your business logic close to the data source across all sites across any environment.


Multi-region replications across all environments. You can replicate data between an on-premise and the cloud, and leverage predefined filters, compression and encryption to meet business and compliance demands. The solution also supports two or more different public cloud vendors to maximize your cloud strategy.

GigaSpaces multi-site data replication ensures that data is always up-to-date in both sites, so that it is possible to continue from an exact point of failure.

Rather than sharing data between applications in batch mode, which bears a cost in terms of cost and accuracy, our multi-site replication gives businesses real-time access to up-to-date information for all their applications. Data replication is done in the most efficient and secure manner replicating only the batches of data based on predefined filters as well as enabling compression and encryption.

Our multi-site data replication handles the synchronization of the dynamic data across sites (unlike static CDN data distribution), ensuring consistently low latency. Deploy your microservices to run your business logic on your data as it changes. Multiple topology support including Hierarchical, Ring, Hub & Spoke and Pass through.

Simulate a production environment in order to allow Data Scientists to train their Machine Learning modules, Data Engineers to troubleshoot their environment, and Application Developers to test their logic on up-to-date data sets. Our multi-site data replication provides the necessary conditions for sharing data, ensuring no cost to performance and security integrity. You can empower Data Scientists to train on a continuously updated copy of the fresh production data, which makes their insights more accurate, and the transition to deployment and production significantly faster – from months to a few weeks.

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