Spark + AI Summit Europe 2018

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Event Date: 
October 02, 2018 -October 04, 2018
ExCeL (Exhibition Centre London) , Custom House, East London
Meet Us at Spark + AI Summit Europe 2018
GigaSpaces will be attending Spark + AI Summit Europe 2018 in London this October. Make plans to join us October 2-4, 2018 at the ExCeL (Exhibition Centre London) to learn about GigaSpaces’ InsightEdge Platform, the always-on platform for your mission-critical applications across cloud, on-premise or hybrid.
The platform operationalizes machine learning and transactional processing, at scale. InsightEdge contains all the necessary SQL, Spark, Streaming, and Deep Learning toolkits for scalable data-driven solutions. The platform offers ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction and stream processing, and co-location of applications and analytics to act on time-sensitive data at millisecond performance.
About Spark + AI Summit Europe
Data and AI need to be unified: the best AI applications require massive amounts of constantly updated training data to build state-of-the-art models. Apache Spark has been the only unified analytics engine that combines large-scale data processing with the execution of state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms.
The sessions and training at this conference will cover great data engineering and data science content along with best practices for productionizing AI: keeping training data fresh with stream processing, monitoring quality, testing, and serving models at massive scale. We will also have deep dive sessions on popular software frameworks—e.g., TensorFlow, SciKit-Learn, Keras, PyTorch, DeepLearning4J, BigDL, and Deep Learning Pipelines.
With Spark + AI topics together, this conference is the unique “one-stop shop” for developers, data scientists, and tech-executives to learn how to practically apply the best tools in data and AI to build innovative products. So join more than 1,500 engineers, data scientists, AI experts, researchers, and business professionals for three days of in-depth learning and networking.
Expect to learn about:
  • What’s coming next in Apache Spark
  • Best Practices for Productionizing Machine Learning
  • Latest Deep Learning and Machine Learning Frameworks
  • Unified Analytics Platforms to combine Data and AI
  • Practical, real-world Artificial Intelligence Use Cases
  • Using Apache Spark at scale in a variety of applications
  • Structured Streaming and Continuous Applications
For more information about the event click here.
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