Technical Account Manager


GigaSpaces Technical Account Managers (TAM) are specialized experts who ensure that the customer’s solution architecture is properly aligned with their business need in the most optimal way possible. TAMs work continuously with the customer’s technical staff and GigaSpaces R&D to strategically help the customer incorporate GigaSpaces product portfolio across the enterprise.


Customers will

  • Gain direct strategic relationship with a TAM resource
  • Receive priority access of feature requests
  • Leverage GigaSpaces best practices through customer communities


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Key Activities

Proactive Support

On-going; delivered by TAM

A GigaSpaces TAM builds a direct relationship with your technical and business staff through regularly scheduled reviews and on-site visits. TAMs are dedicated to providing proactive advice and guidance to help you identify and address potential problems before they occur. GigaSpaces XAP and the OpenSpaces framework.

Architecture Reviews

Periodic; delivered by TAM and senior technical staff

A GigaSpaces TAM proactively eliminates technical debt by engaging the best minds from Professional Services and Senior Technical Staff to validate your technical plans and deployment roadmap through period technical architecture reviews programs.

Lifecycle Planning

Quarterly; delivered by TAM

A GigaSpaces TAM will periodically spend time on-site with your team to understand changes in your environment and business needs. TAMs have deep insight into the product roadmap to improve your deployment and upgrade plans by leveraging the latest enhancements in new and upcoming XAP releases.

Prioritized Feature Requests

Per XAP Release; delivered by TAM

A GigaSpaces TAM serves as an advocate to promote your XAP feature requests and product enhancement needs with GigaSpaces R&D giving you priority access for patches and feature implementations.

Customer Communities

Monthly; delivered by TAM & field engineering

A GigaSpaces TAM establishes a private collaboration space to engage you with other customers that are solving the same problems you are trying to implement. TAMs will also conduct lunch and learns, CTO and Product Management briefings.


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