Services - Offering Overview

Modular consultancy and professional services designed to ensure smooth and
effective deployment of GigaSpaces solutions

GigaPro™ addresses the challenges of all the stages of implementation, from the initial business needs assessment, through design, development, staging, and commissioning, all the way to the complete transition to production. GigaSpaces experts have developed this methodology based on years of best practices experience generated in a wide variety of projects for multiple industries.

  • Shorten Project Cycle Times
  • Minimize Deployment Risks
  • Leverage GigaSpaces Technology to its Fullest Extent
  • GigaPro Services – Meet the Needs of Every Project Stage

GigaPro Services for XAP


XAP Jump Start

Supporting new projects from initial needs analysis to a working development environment

   Business Needs Assessment   High Level Architecture Design   Capacity & Sizing Planning   XAP Developer Core Training   Development Environment Setup


XAP Assisted Development

Supporting development activities

   Design Review   Assisted Development Services (4-5 days per customer development month)   Advanced XAP Developer Boot Camp


XAP Go Live

Supporting project transition from development to production state

   XAP Administration Training   Code & System Review   Environment Planning   Extended Rollout Support By Dedicated GigaSpaces Expert   XAP System Tuning   Production Environment Setup



XAP Health Check

Support peak time, new application introduction, or other key changes

   Needs Analysis   System Architecture Review   Risk Assessment   Capacity & Sizing Review   XAP Performance Tuning   Extended Rollout Support By Dedicated GigaSpaces Expert


XAP Upgrade Support

Supporting the new version rollout process, tuning, and stability

   Upgrade Assessment   Upgraded System Architecture Design   XAP Delta Training   Assisted Development Services During Upgrade   Code & System Review   Upgraded Production Environment Setup   Extended Upgrade Rollout Support


XAP Technical Account Manager

Maximize your GigaSpaces technology investment through a dedicated technical account manager

   Proactive Support   Architecture Reviews   Customer Communities   Lifecycle Planning   Prioritized Feature Requests




Services - Offering Overview