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GigaPro: Deployment & Implementation Methodology

Ensure Rapid and Effective Adoption

GigaSpaces offers a proven set of development and deployment best practices and methodologies designed to ensure rapid and effective adoption of GigaSpaces technology. The GigaPro offering addresses the challenges of all stages of implementation, from the initial business needs assessment through design, development, staging, and commissioning, through complete transition to production.
GigaPro best practices and methodologies are based upon years of experience in working closely with our customers during implementation of production enterprise applications on our industry leading platforms.

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GigaProTM : Full services offering for XAP customers

Key Principles

  • All successful projects have these elements in common: An understanding of business and technical requirements, effective planning, professional oversight, and ongoing status reporting.
  • Understanding the projected growth of the business and demands on the system, and performing the appropriate capacity planning, provides both short and long term value to the business.
  • To ensure the application meets your business objectives cost-effectively, it is critical to identify the application’s performance objectives early, and plan for performance testing and benchmarking.
  • Broad-focused product education at early product stages followed by more in-depth and specialized training as needed throughout the project lifecycle increases the quality of the deliverable.
  • Experienced architecture and development guidance for key design issues and app components increases the effectiveness of the application development team and leads to overall project success.
  • GigaSpaces Consultancy expert assistance – code design, code review, and code optimization – accelerates applications development and enables you to leverage our technology to its fullest extent.
  • Careful planning of the transition to production includes risk analysis and developing a mitigation strategy.
  • “Go Live” on-site expert provides support and tuning during cutover period


Services - Methodology