The financial services industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation from a product- centric to a customer-centric model leveraging cost effective virtualization and low-latency processing technologies.

To keep pace with this new business paradigm, large banks around the world are modernizing their IT capabilities by adopting next generation solutions that enable them to achieve cost efficiencies, contain risks, meet regulatory compliance requirements and gain a comprehensive view of their customers.

Analytics applications demand higher throughput and lower latency than ever to meet the challenge of processing terabytes of data from various sources, which must be available to multiple parties, making system management increasingly complex. The variety and volume of data is overwhelming traditional classic database solutions and legacy batch-oriented systems that were not designed to meet today's real time analytic requirements. Faster hardware alone will not meet the challenging requirements of real-time data.

This paper will introduce GigaSpaces’ XAP In-Memory Computing Platform as the solution for banking firms to keep pace with the speed of real-time while maintaining transactional integrity. Running within modern virtualization environments such as private cloud.


Real-Time Analytics White Paper