Cloudify on OpenStack with the RackSpace Cloud

As software companies increasingly need to move mission-critical applications to the cloud, the combination of the Rackspace Cloud and the GigaSpaces Cloudify PaaS stack provides a truly open, yet secure and massively scalable alternative to other cloud services. Developers can build their apps with any tool or framework, and Cloudify handles the deployment, scaling, and management on the Rackspace Cloud without any application code changes.



How It Works: 

At the core of Cloudify are application “recipes”. Each recipe tells Cloudify all the details needed to run an application: what middleware services it needs to run, what the dependencies are between the services, how to install the services, where to find the application and service binaries, when to spin more instances or terminate existing ones, and even how to monitor each of the services –- making it super-easy to get your app up and running on the Rackspace Cloud.

Many PaaS frameworks target new applications, and constrain development to vendor-specific models and configurations. Cloudify recipes are designed to cope with almost any operational or engineering need, and are very intuitive and easy to extend and customize.

Cloudify enables you to on-board your new AND existing mission-critical applications to the Rackspace Cloud, while maintaining full control.



Cloudify supported applications icon

Applications Supported by Cloudify

Cloudify comes with a set of built-in application recipes for popular Application Containers, such as Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, Glassfish, WebSphere, Ruby, Big Data recipes such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and Hadoop, as well as other popular frameworks such as MySQL for relational database, Solr for search engine, Active MQ for message brokering, and more. 

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Watch a demo of Cloudify deploying an application to the New OpenStack Public Cloud.



pin-redSolution Highlights

Any App: Cloudify can install and manage any application, using any application stack, based on powerful, yet easy-to-create recipes.

Any Cloud: Not only does Cloudify deploy and manage your app on any cloud – private, public, or hybrid – Cloudify will burst your application to the public cloud when you temporarily need more resources to maintain SLAs.


Your Way: You decide how to manage your application lifecycle. Cloudify APIs enable dynamic configuration and wiring of application services. Cloudify also provides a pluggable, customizable monitoring framework that enables close monitoring of application availability and performance.                                                                                                      


Performance: Automatic, Dynamic Scaling and Fail-over: Cloudify enables you to proactively cope with varying loads using dynamic load balancing management and automatic scaling and fail-over. Your application services scale dynamically, based on built-in or custom metrics that you define. 



Cloudify on OpenStack with the RackSpace Cloud