The In-Memory Computing Solution to Scale Your Applications

XAP Fast-Data Processing for High Performance at the Speed of Business

GigaSpaces’ industry-leading in-memory data grid, XAP, delivers high performance, resiliency and ultra-low latency extreme transactional and stream processing for mission-critical applications at the leading enterprises worldwide.

It is a cloud-native application fabric that empowers event-driven microservices and distributed applications for real-time big data innovation.

XAP provides an essential set of data store features, such as transactions, indexes, and query language (SQL-like queries). It also handles common functions such as messaging, event processing, data access, and transaction processing (ACID compliant) completely and exclusively in-memory.

Product Benefits




  • Ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction and stream processing supporting millions of IOPS
  • Ingestion of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Co-location of applications and data for millisecond performance
  • Eliminate data movement complexity and simplify data governance, to radically minimize the amount of moving parts and reduce TCO
  • Deploy on cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments with cloud-native, infrastructure-agnostic solution
  • Control your data by customizing multi-tiered storage preferences across RAM, SSD and Storage-Class Memory (3DXPoint) to optimize business results and hardware costs
  • Mature battle-tested platform for mission critical business applications.
  • Highly available with at least 5 nines reliability, auto-healing and zero single point of failure
  • Geo-redundancy, fast data replication and native persistence for immediate recovery.
XAP Architecture

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XAP scales with your business needs, from simple data processing, to complex transactional workloads, all the way to leveraging hybrid storage and data center tiers. Choose the edition that works for you.

XAP Open Source

This edition of XAP is 100% open source, supporting a multiple node cluster in a single region with basic management and security capabilities. Free forever (under Apache2)

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XAP Platform

This edition of XAP is comprised of everything in the enterprise-grade Premium edition plus multi-tier storage, site replication and multi-region deployment and redundancy

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