InsightEdge Smart ODS is a distributed in-memory Digital Integration Hub (DIH), with unparalleled low-latency, high-performance and scale that aggregates and offloads from your multiple back-end systems of record and data stores on premise and on cloud. With a unified API layer, you can decouple the digital applications from your disparate systems of record to increase agility and ensure always-on services.

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Smart ODS Highlights

scale up_down demo video

Demo: How to Automatically Scale Up Operational Workloads

Learn how you can automatically scale up your operational workloads to maintain high service levels with no downtime.


Avanza webinar promotion

Live Webinar: Getting Digital Transformation Right with Avanza Bank

Join Avanza Bank CTO to learn how to overcome architectural challenges & successfully leverage new technologies to develop innovative digital services.


mainframe cost reduction calculator

Mainframe & Oracle Cost Reduction Calculators

Try our interactive Mainframe & Oracle Cost Reduction Calculators to see how much you could save by deploying InsightEdge Smart ODS.


mainframe modernization video

Demo: Mainframe Modernization with InsightEdge ODS

Learn how to perfect your legacy strategy and reduce mainframe costs by up to 80% using InsightEdge Smart Operational Data Store.



What Makes Smart ODS, Smart?

extreme speed

Extreme In-Memory Performance

Unparalled speed, high-throughput transaction (ACID), and analytical processing to accelerate applications, BI and analytics; fueled by distributed in-memory speed, the colocation of business logic and data, secondary indexing and server-side aggregations.


AIOps for Autonomous Elasticity and Scale

Automatic triggers to elastically scale either up or out for transactional and analytical workloads, based on the CPU and RAM utilization. The scaling process is done in a rolling manner without downtime while the cache remains fully operational.

business driven caching

Business Policy-Driven Storage

Intelligently manage your data in multiple storage tiers – hot on RAM, warm on SSD and cold on your data store, with an automated data lifecycle driven by business-policy logic and actual usage patterns. You’re no longer limited to LRU tiering logic.

colocated microservices

Colocated Microservices

Deploy microservices colocated in memory to achieve extreme performance and agility. High ingestion of data streams and events with a real-time processing engine lets you execute on the server complex transformations and data enrichment in a distributed manner.

no code integration

No Code, One-Click Integration

With just one click, the platform scans the database and its metadata, maps its data modeling to the GigaSpaces store and defines its indexing and partitioning schema to eliminate weeks of manual work and human errors. You can also use a built-in CDC that connects directly to your systems of records.

always on services

Always-On Services

Enterprise-grade and highly available with three levels of data persistence, including in-memory, disk/database persistency, and cross-region replication. Self-healing functionality as well as upgrades and scaling without downtime.

How Smart ODS Works

Smart Operational Data Store Architecture Mobile version
Smart Operational Data Store Architecture Mobile version text
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