Challenges of a Conventional IT Architecture
On the journey to digital transformation, enterprises are required to rapidly launch multiple new digital applications and services. These digital applications are expected to deliver high performance, elastically scale to support peak usage volumes, and be always-on. In many cases, these applications rely on multiple systems of record (SoR) for their data. In a conventional architecture, the API services layer is coupled with the SoR, and increases loads on legacy data stores that are required to constantly feed data to power new digital services. While classic cache can offload some transactions from SoR by holding frequently accessed data, it does not store all the relevant data. This architecture’s inefficiencies cause innovation to slow-down, as development teams duplicate efforts developing APIs to access data and synchronize with microservices. When new digital services are finally deployed, they are subject to limited SoR performance, scalability and availability.

The Digital Integration Hub (DIH) Offers A New Architecture Scheme
A new paradigm coined and advocated by Gartner Inc, a Digital Integration Hub architecture decouples digital applications from systems of record. Multi-protocol data APIs over unified data models simplify the introduction of new microservices. Data from multiple sources is aggregated into a low-latency high performance data store. This data management layer is synchronized with back-end data stores via decoupled real-time event-based integration patterns.

The GigaSpaces Smart DIH Solution
The Smart DIH is an out-of-the-box DIH solution. Based on GigaSpaces’ award-winning distributed in-memory data platform, it includes all the components an organization needs in order to decouple their digital applications from their SoR, to accelerate innovation.

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Smart DIH Highlights

scale up_down demo video

Demo: How to Automatically Scale Up Operational Workloads

Learn how you can automatically scale up your operational workloads to maintain high service levels with no downtime.


Avanza webinar on-demand

On-Demand Webinar: Getting Digital Transformation Right with Avanza Bank

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to overcome architectural challenges & successfully leverage new technologies to develop innovative digital services.


mainframe cost reduction calculator

Mainframe & Oracle Cost Reduction Calculators

Try our interactive Mainframe & Oracle Cost Reduction Calculators to see how much you could save by deploying InsightEdge Smart DIH.


mainframe modernization video

Demo: Mainframe Modernization with Smart DIH

Learn how to perfect your legacy strategy and reduce mainframe costs by up to 80% using InsightEdge Smart Digital Integration Hub.



What Makes Smart DIH, Smart?

extreme speed

Distributed In-Memory Data Grid

The heart of Smart DIH’s data management layer, is a distributed in-memory data grid. It can automatically scale up and out to support peak loads, while delivering the highest performance to power the most demanding real-time digital services.


360 Degrees of Data Integrity & ACID Compliance

ACID transactions guarantee data integrity despite errors such as power loss or system failure. Data validity logic, user-controlled cleansing methods, and monitoring of extreme changes in data volume metrics are a few such mechanisms to ensure information accuracy.

Multiple Customer Profiles

Cross-Region Replication

Cross-region replication allows for selective replication of data between locations/regions. You can replicate between two on-prem data centers, between on-prem and cloud, or between clouds. Benefit from data locality to meet performance or regulatory requirements.

colocated microservices

Data APIs for Efficient Microservices Management

Leverage APIs including JAVA, SQL, .NET, and REST, simplifying the introduction of new microservices. Data services are natively hosted on the platform, thus sharing the same management services as the core platform’s microservices.

no code integration

Event-Driven Pluggable Data Connectors

Smart DIH offers pluggable event driven connectors to systems of record. New and changed data can be captured in real-time via CDC (Change Data Capture) or via data streaming. Scheduled data ingestion events can be captured via ETL tools.