As a product leader, delivering a seamless customer experience is imperative. But developing and maintaining your own products to meet this need can be complex, time-consuming and costly. InsightEdge Smart Cache for OEMs is a cloud-native high-speed, distributed in-memory data storage and processing layer that runs on any operational data store to accelerate and scale your digital applications on any environment – on-prem, cloud, and hybrid. Your applications are instantly SaaS-ready. Smart Cache is optimized for rapidly changing data and multi-criteria queries and is fully SQL compatible.

Smart Cache for OEMs Highlights

Live Webinar: The Secret of Smart Cache – Unparalleled Speed & Scale

Join GigaSpaces & Capegemini to hear how Groupe PSA increased application capacity by 15x while reducing response time to 15-19 milliseconds.


Case Study: Optimizing Business Communications with Avaya

Learn how Avaya increased the number of supported operations 10X and improved their customer journey maps to show a 360-degree CX view.



What Makes Smart Cache, Smart?

Native Multi-Criteria Queries

Unlike Key Value solutions, Smart Cache supports an unlimited number of advanced indexes such as ranges, compound, text and more, for optimal performance and smaller footprint.

business driven caching

Business Driven Caching Policy

While simple cache solutions are limited to LRU data management logic, Smart Cache supports advanced business policies to optimize performance vs. costs.


AI-Driven Autonomous Elasticity and Scale

With automatic triggers to scale either up or out based on the CPU and RAM utilization, the scaling process is done in a rolling manner without downtime while the cache remains fully operational.

no code integration

No Code, One-Click Database Integration

In one click, the platform scans the database and its metadata, maps its data modeling to Smart Cache and defines its indexing and partitioning schema to eliminate weeks of manual work and human errors.

Multiple Customer Profiles

Easy Creation of Multiple Customer Profiles

Smart Cache provides a native IaaC tool (Infrastructure-as-a-Code), which enables you to easily define a customer profile on-premise or across any public or private cloud, including cluster size, resources (CPU, RAM, Storage) and all networking and security aspects.

Fully SQL compliant

Fully SQL Compliant

Generate reports and aggregations on the fly with advanced SQL operations such as joins, aggregations, nested queries and grouping. Your digital applications and BI can easily shift from accessing previous data source to Smart Cache, enhancing speed and scale.

How Smart Cache Works

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