As a product leader, delivering a seamless customer experience is imperative. But developing and maintaining your own products to meet this need can be complex, time-consuming and costly. InsightEdge Smart Cache for OEMs is a cloud-native high-speed, distributed in-memory data storage and processing layer that runs on any operational data store to accelerate and scale your digital applications on any environment – on-prem, cloud, and hybrid. Your applications are instantly SaaS-ready. Smart Cache is optimized for rapidly changing data and multi-criteria queries and is fully SQL compatible.

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Smart Cache for OEMs Highlights

Smart cache webinar on demand

On-Demand Webinar: The Secret of Smart Cache – Unparalleled Speed & Scale

Watch GigaSpaces & Capgemini experts to learn how Groupe PSA increased application capacity by 15x while reducing response time to 15-19 milliseconds.


Case Study: Optimizing Business Communications with Avaya

Learn how Avaya increased the number of supported operations 10X and improved their customer journey maps to show a 360-degree CX view.