Smart Cache is the fastest, most scalable, distributed caching tier that runs on any operational data source, to accelerate your digital applications and fuel real-time reporting and BI. Smart Cache is optimized for rapidly changing data and multi-criteria queries; and is fully SQL compatible.

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Smart Cache Highlights

scale up_down demo video

Demo: How to Automatically Scale Up Operational Workloads

Learn how you can automatically scale up your operational workloads to maintain high service levels with no downtime.


Case Study: Stellantis Increases Workload Scale by 20x

Read how a popular in-memory caching solution could not perform, when multi-criteria queries were required by Stellantis when offloading data from their mainframe.



What Makes Smart Cache, Smart?

Native Multi-Criteria Queries for Extreme Performance

Unlike Key Value solutions, Smart Cache supports an unlimited number of advanced indexes such as ranges, compound, text and more, for optimal performance, with full SQL compliance.

business driven caching

Business Driven Caching Policy for Optimal Optimization of Cost and Performance

Gain control over your data and keep your most important data in RAM. With advanced business-driven policies, you’re no longer limited to LRU tiering logic.


AIOps Autonomous Scaling

Automatic triggers to scale either up or out for transactional and analytical workloads, over Kubernetes, OpenShift or GigaSpaces ElasticGrid. Scaling is performed in a rolling manner with no downtime or performance impact.

no code integration

No Code, One-Click Database Integration

With just one click, the platform scans the database and its metadata, maps its data modeling to the GigaSpaces store and defines its indexing and partitioning schema to eliminate weeks of manual work and human errors.

Fast Server-Side Aggregations

Smart Cache performs the entire aggregation activity distributed in-memory on the server side, avoiding data retrieval back to the client side. Aggregation is performed on relevant data only, regardless of total data size.

Never Lose Writes

Achieve strong data consistency. Unlike eventual consistency cache solutions, Smart Cache ensures complete data integrity, which means data is never lost. At any load, across any environment. 

How Smart Cache Works

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