InsightEdge is an always-on platform for your mission-critical applications across cloud, on-premise or hybrid. The platform operationalizes machine learning and transactional processing, at scale; analyzing data as it’s born, enriching it with historical context, for instant insight to action.

InsightEdge powers real-time analytics on streaming data enriched with historical context to help your insight-driven organization address time-sensitive decisions – enhancing business operations, regulatory compliance and customer experience.

The software platform contains all the necessary frameworks for scalable data-driven solutions including SQL, Spark, streaming, machine learning and deep learning. Your applications leverage faster and smarter insights from machine learning models running on any data source whether structured, unstructured or semi-structured while seamlessly accessing historical data from data lakes such as Hadoop, Amazon S3 Azure Blob Storage and more.

In-memory performance offers ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction and stream processing, and co-location of applications and analytics to act on time-critical data in real-time. The simplified architecture not only enables you to keep up with “millisecond industries” it also reduces TCO and data movement complexity by radically minimizing the number of ‘moving parts.’ InsightEdge is a cloud-native, microservice-based architecture for cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments; and supports intelligent, multi-tiered storage across RAM, SSD, Storage Class Memory and Persistent Memory.

Product Benefits

Instant Insights

Extreme Performance and Scale

TCO Optimization

Mission Critical 99.999 Availability

  • Unlock immediate insights right as data is born, enriched with historical data, empowering time-to-analytics-to-action at sub-second scale
  • Event-driven analytics and co-located business logic trigger analysis and action at the right instant
  • Seamless access to historical data on your data lakes for smarter and faster insights
  • Predictive analytics from SQL, streaming, machine learning through Apache Spark and deep learning with Tensor Flow and other frameworks
  • Ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction and stream processing supporting millions of IOPS
  • Co-location of applications and analytics to act on time-sensitive data at millisecond performance
  • Eliminate data movement complexity and simplify data governance, to radically minimize the amount of moving parts and reduce TCO.
  • Deploy on cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments with cloud-native, infrastructure-agnostic solution.
  • Control your data by customizing multi-tiered storage preferences across RAM, SSD and Storage-Class Memory (3DXPoint) to optimize business results and hardware costs.
  • Mature battle-tested platform for mission critical business applications
  • Highly available with at least 5 nines reliability, auto-healing and zero single point of failure
  • Geo-redundancy, fast data replication and native persistence for immediate recovery

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We are here to simplify your event-driven, real-time analytics on big data, so you will be free to do what you do best. Choose the edition that works for you.

InsightEdge Open Source

This edition of InsightEdge is 100% open source, supporting full cluster in a single region with basic management and security capabilities. Free forever (under Apache2).

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InsightEdge Platform

This edition of InsightEdge is enterprise-grade including centralized management, advanced security features, multi-tier storage, site replication and multi-region deployment and redundancy.

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