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Enterprise Comparison

Enterprise ComparisonSmart CacheSmart ODSSmart Augmented Transactions
In-Memory Data Store
Multi Model (Objects, Documents, Key-Value, Table)
Secondary Index
Server-side and Custom Aggregations
Distributed Tasks
Client Side Caching
Events Triggers
Distributed Transactions (ACID)
Deploy services
Client SDK (JAVA, .NET ,etc.)
Text Search
Geo Spatial Queries
BI Connector (Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, etc.)
Streaming analytics
Kafka Connect
ETL Connect
Interactive Notebook (Apache Zeppelin)
REST API Gateway
Deploy ML models
Apache Spark
Deep Learning (Tensor, Caffe & Torch)*
Data Lake Indexing (AnalyticsXtreme)*
Storage & Replication
1-click connect to DBMS
Persistence Mirroring to an external DB (SQL/NoSQL)
Intelligent Tiered Storage (MemoryXtend) Optional
Multi-Region and Multi-Cloud Replication*
CDC Module* (DB2, Oracle, etc.)
Cloud Native
1-click installaion and provisioning
Autonomus Scaling up
Autonomus Scaling out
Cloud deployment (AWS/Azure/GCP/IBM)
Hybrid Cloud Support (on-prem and cloud)
Kubernetes Native
Openshift Operator*
Multi Tenancy*
Secuity and Management
High Availability
Disk Persistency
GigaSpaces Ops Manager UI*
GigaStack (dataops stack)*
Administration And Monitoring Tools (Grafana, Zipkin, etc.)*
Role-based Security (LDAP, Kerberos)*
Column-level Encryption*
Disaster Recovery*Optional
Active-Active Deployment*
*Not included in Open Source Edition