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1 2 3 Completed specializes in delivering complex software projects and consultancy with more than 100 engagements worldwide, and is proud of having numerous happy customers worldwide. They support the most demanding enterprises out there, with services in the areas of extreme transaction processing, big data, cloud computing, Application Lifecycle Management, Mobile and Web development as well as many other activities. 

1 2 3 Completed is known for its flexibility in leveraging the availability of its experts according to the customer specific requirements. They have the ability to provide services either offshore or onsite at customer's premises, all according to the customer requirements and financial preferences. 1 2 3 Completed leverages its R&D Center to provide timely, cost effective and high quality solutions, enabling customers to focus on their strategic business objectives. 1 2 3 Completed consultants and trainers have visited The following on site locations, assisting fortune 500 companies as well as startups such as: HP, Kohls, UBS, ING, CA, T-Mobile, Avaya, American Airlines, QVC, BELK and many more.


Comarch is a global IT challenger. It employs more than 5000 people worldwide. The size of the company enables it to implement large contracts while remaining efficient and agile in sales, R&D, and delivery.

Comarch has always been based on strong R&D and the development of its own products. At the moment, the company’s product portfolio comprises more than a hundred product lines for a broad spectrum of industries.

Comarch redefines its strategy annually, taking into account the changing business environment, industrial trends, and internal challenges. Comarch nowadays delivers most of its solutions according to the full outsorcing, managed service, SaaS, or cloud computing paradigms. For this purpose Comarch has developed a global network of own data centers.


Marcello is a Norwegian IT company with headquarters in Oslo. With tomorrow's technology, they create innovative solutions that give customers new opportunities . They are still looking for potentials and challenging to think new and different to being the foremost in the industry. Their employees are proud of their work, and have a positive corporate culture and high level of expertise. Marcello associates solid and long-term customer relationships. In addition to ambitious goals, they have good digital customer experiences in focus to achieve the best results, and contribute as an advisory partner to our customer's digitalization journey.


Mindcurv is a digital commerce services provider that designs, develops, deploys, and operates e-commerce services for companies throughout Europe. They believe in succeeding-as-a-team, trust, loyalty and keeping our promises. They talk little, but do much. Mindcurv prefers the word ‘partner’ over ‘vendor,’ and getting things done over creating slide decks. Mindcurv think holistically, believe in working efficiently and effectively and ask the questions that count. They’re proud of their ability to deliver on their promises - even in chaotic environments - and to find simple solutions for complex problems. They love to try out latest technologies and take on new challenges every day. Their clients stay with them despite their no-bullshit-mentality - or even because of it.


SO4IT has earned a reputation as one of Sweden´s leading authorities on large scale enterprise solutions and have become the preferred partner for multinational customers such as Sun Microsystems, Vodafone, Cisco, The Linde Group, Michelin and several others. The company´s core strategy since inception has been to be a flexible full service and solutions provider, ever ready to adapt and grow to meet customers´ shifting demands. With services including pre-studies and advisory, implementation and development, as well as testing and release management, SO4IT covers a lot of bases with little or no overhead, due to efficient resource management and ever evolving staff. SO4IT consultants work on demanding customer projects both in- and out of office and the company has made its mark as a fair and dependable partner with profound knowledge in all our key competence areas.

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