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CloudTran is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley. It was originally formed as a spin-off from the Java business unit of New Technologies/enterprise, NT/e. CloudTran makes it possible to run web-scale, business-critical applications in public, private, and hybrid clouds by a scalable data layer to the overall architecture. Enterprise IT organizations and SaaS software vendors will find CloudTran to be a key requirement in a broad range of applications including ecommerce, supply chain management, ERP, online gaming, web publishing, mobile payment processing, and more. The company grew from the recognition that developing large-scale applications for web environments is more complex than many organizations realize. Capability and infrastructure that were once taken for granted on mainframes are no longer available "out of the box." The new world of grid computing and massive, distributed databases presents new challenges to developers who often lack the tools and time to reinvent the missing pieces.

IBM Tivoli

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring software helps you optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability.
The current version of the GigaSpaces driver provides the ability to start and stop the GigaSpaces Enterprise Edition from Tivoli. Future versions will also support cluster definitions and dynamic allocation of memory resources.

Magic Software

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC) empowers customers and partners around the globe with smarter technology that provides a multi-channel user experience of enterprise logic and data.

Our future-proof platforms provide a productive environment for streamlined development and deployment, and effective integration of core business applications, supporting scalable deployment on multiple channels, including on-premise, Web (HTML5), rich Internet, mobile, and SaaS. Using a fresh metadata-driven approach and forward-looking expertise, we deliver products and services that can be deployed with minimal effort, while making the best use of existing assets.

We draw on 30 years of experience, millions of installations worldwide, and strategic alliances with global IT leaders, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and SAP, to enable our customers to seamlessly adopt new technologies and maximize business opportunities.

With a presence in more than 50 countries, including 14 regional offices, we collaborate closely with our customers and thousands of business partners to accelerate their business performance.


The open source Mule project was founded in 2003 by Ross Mason, CTO of MuleSoft. Frustrated by integration "donkey work," Ross set out to create a new platform that emphasized ease of development, flexibility, and re-use of components. He created Mule to bring a modern approach, one of assembly, rather than repetitive coding, to developers worldwide. The platform instantly found a following and quickly "went supersonic" in terms of adoption. Today, Mule is the world's most widely used open source enterprise service bus (ESB), with more than 2 million downloads and over 3,000 production deployments by leading organizations such as Walmart.com, Nokia, Nestlé, Honeywell and DHL, as well as 5 of the world's top 10 banks and over 35% of the Global 500. Today, MuleSoft is once again defining the next generation of integration with Mule iON, the first true integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Mule iON is a cloud-based integration platform, built on leading Mule integration technology at the core, that enables developers and application teams to integrate and orchestrate applications and services seamlessly across the enterprise and cloud. MuleSoft has also taken the principles of lightweight and pragmatic infrastructure software to the next level with Tcat — enterprise Tomcat Server. Tcat is a fully supported Apache Tomcat application server that solves the common pains associated with using Tomcat in production, simplifying the management, monitoring and deployment of Tomcat applications. Built on the most widely used open source application infrastructure products, Mule ESB, Mule iON and Tcat bring an ideal combination of simplicity and power to today’s web applications. MuleSoft is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices worldwide. The company is privately held and financed by venture capital since July 2006.

ORbyte Solutions

ORbyte Solutions was founded in the later part of 2008 with the objective of providing unique software products and services. Our Goal: To help our customers to unleash the potentials of technology and gain a competitive edge while maximising their Return On Investment.

The founders have more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the delivery of mission critical software solutions for the financial industry.

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