Can your management system handle the complexity of an industry that is increasingly computerized, interconnected and real-time?

  • Do you have real-time visibility into individual shipments? Into your fleet?
  • Can you provide proactive notifications about delays?
  • How does your logistics management software handle unexpected spikes in data and transaction loads? Can it scale automatically and seamlessly?
  • How protected is your system against outages?
  • How many separate systems do you need to use (expense and complexity) to handle all these functions?

Shipping and logistics companies need to move increasing numbers of packages worldwide, by trucking, air transport, ships, or trains – while maintaining visibility into what is happening to every single package. Even if there is a system outage. And while some delays are inevitable, you still want to manage that occurrence with your clients to maintain customer satisfaction.

With existing software and infrastructure, gaining this level of detail is extremely expensive.

GigaSpaces enables logistics providers to refactor existing applications to gain real-time monitoring and visibility into their shipments. Performance monitoring and proactive notifications at shipment level means increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, which directly translate into cost savings and increased revenue.

Based on the industry’s leading in-memory data grid, XAP provides true end-to-end scalability delivering:

  • Dynamic provisioning to meet fluctuating loads
  • High performance for latency-sensitive environments
  • Continuous uptime/high availability through automatic failover and self-healing
  • Cost efficiencies through maximum resource utilization, standard development and deployment environments, and advanced management tools.
Logistics and Shipping Management