Guarantee a smooth, consistent customer experience with advanced analytics

As mobile shopping, omni-channel retailing, and demand for personalized customer experience grows, retailers face multiple scalability and performance challenges to connect all of the dots to stay competitive.

When your customers are in the store, are you aware they have been to your site? Do you know their preferences or what they say about you online? Are you tracking your inventory in real-time and predicting orders and shipment logistics to maximize service?

Is your online service online all the time, processing transactions at the speed your customers require and at the scale that you need?

Use our end-to-end cost-effective and highly scalable in-memory insight platform to capture real-time data in-store to help automate planning, create more accurate forecasts, and enable retailers and CPG firms to go beyond retrospective data analytics. Guarantee a smooth, consistent customer experience, regardless of the amount of traffic on your site with an always-on infrastructure that will scale to your needs.

Manage your inventory in real-time
Personalized customer experience
Boost dynamic pricing policies
Real-time Inventory
Determine your future inventory with the ability to ingest and analyze streaming data from billions of sensors for real-time monitoring and management of your inventory.
You'll be able to track and analyze orders, shipments, stock and more and effectively stock product to avoid excess inventory and stock-out with real-time inventory management capabilities.
Even more so, customers will not be disappointed by stock-outs and shipments will be optimized.
Personalized customer experience
Utilize a unified data analytics and applications platform to gain insights from advanced data analytics to stay ahead of the competition by delivering a seamless, personalized and convenient customer experience across all digital channels and in-store.
By adding geospatial analytics to the personalization across channel interactions you can optimize promotional activity based on customer locations and track buying patterns in real-time.
You will see improved customer satisfaction rates, conversion rates, revenue, profitability and brand credibility. Churn will be reduced.
Offers and Recommendations, Dynamic Pricing
The ability to generate real-time insights by analyzing both data on the move and in rest, will help you boost both consumer price perception, identify key value items (KVIs), set and validate prices for long-tail items, and drive retail profitable growth through dynamic pricing.
Being able to leverage advanced analytics to predict pricing trends and evaluate real-time information, helps you generate offers on-the-spot that may change consumer consideration about what they're purchasing at the moment.

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