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Extreme Performance with Diminished Complexity

Leading banks and capital markets firms require extreme performance as they start leveraging real-time analytics for many initiatives including risk management, fraud detection, compliance and consumer metrics to gain a competitive edge and comply with regulations.

Simply having data is no longer useful, and traditional ways of thinking about analytics, no longer apply. You must be able to find and act on incredibly large data sets from traditional and non-traditional sources in real-time, while also being able to reference older, stored data. Analyzing your time-sensitive data in the moment will help drive business impact through efficient operations and enhanced customer experience.

Lower Trade Reconciliation Risk
Real-time Risk Data Store and Operational Intelligence
Detect Fraud and Prevent Money Laundering
Enhance Customer Experience (Customer-360)
Lower Trade Reconciliation Risk: Fast data processing, continuous high availability and guaranteed data integrity
Deliberate and non-deliberate discrepancies create risks for your business. Reduce your risk exposure and meet regulatory requirements while lowering operational costs. As the volume of data continues to grow, the simplicity of your big data network design will help you scale and ensure the high availability the you require.
Fast data processing and real-time advanced analytics will power your insight driven organization to handle the speed and scalability required for the trade reconciliation process.
Risk Management & Modeling
The financial services industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation from a product-centric to a customer-centric model leveraging insight driven innovations, built on scalable, low-latency in-memory computing platforms.
Reducing your institution's risk exposure and meeting regulatory requirements while lowering operational costs is a key challenge. By aggregating and ingesting billions of messages in real-time into a live risk result store, you can keep pace with the speed of real-time while maintaining transactional integrity.
A unified data science and real-time application platform can help you evaluate the risk in your portfolio by leveraging the combination of geo-spatial analysis and monto carlo simulations running directly against transactional data while leveraging low latency advanced analytics to power your insight-driven transformation.
Fraud Detection
Fraud detection is a billion-dollar problem in finance, affecting consumers and banks alike.
Deploying and running advanced analytics on data as it's born, will help you detect and prevent money laundering and other fraudulent activities while eliminating the need to provision new data stores for fraud detection workflows.
The real-time insights gleaned trigger on-the-spot workflows to protect against fraud at the time of the fraud.
Consumer Banking and Personalization (Customer -360)
A great customer experience can differentiate your institution in your highly competitive market place, especially as customers become more knowledgeable and demanding.
You can ingest real-time customer interaction data at high throughput and analyze the data the moment it is born for instant insights to provide better service and a customized personalized engagement.
Not only will your customers be happy with sub-second response times, but they will benefit from personalized interest rates, commissions and other services.
To understand your customer better, you can use deep learning to analyze their digital footprints and recent engagements. Predictive analytics helps you to identify chances of churn and manages up selling effectively.

case study

Global FX Trading Platform - GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform used as the central transaction trade settlement data processing fabric
Trade Workflow Solution
Straight-through processing , end-to-end integration for the entire transaction lifecycle Improving efficiency, better costs control, and minimizing risk to meet today’s rigorous control and compliance demands.
End-to-end trading solutions
Real-time integration with order management system, treasury management system, and messaging services supporting every major messaging format, with the ability to generate customized/proprietary formats. Support for on- and off-platform transactions, both electronic trading and deal entry for phone trades.
Workflow management
Streamline workflow and implement your preferred process through our platform. Support for multiple entities, multiple users and multiple roles.
Beyond execution, FXall delivers straight-through processing covering the entire transaction lifecycle, minimizing risk and dramatically improving efficiency.
With FXall's industry-leading Trade Workflow Solutions, we deliver straight-through processing and end-to-end integration for the entire transaction lifecycle, dramatically improving efficiency, helping you control costs, and minimizing risk to meet today’s more rigorous control and compliance demands.


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