Where can I see my account link?

Your account link can be found in your account activation email. It includes links to your selected application and GigaSpaces Ops Manager.

What does the free trial include?

With your free GigaSpaces Cloud trial you receive access to the GigaSpaces InsightEdge product with all its data and analytics features, including MemoryXtend and AnalyticsXtreme. You can create your own Space with multiple services or use your selected sample application.

What is MemoryXtend configuration and how it impacts my trial account?

MemoryXtend is an advanced feature of InsightEdge that enables store of data in multiple data storage tiers. At your trial account, it is possible to either store all data in-memory (MemoryXtend is off) or to activate MemoryXtend and select SSD as secondary storage tier – you will be asked to select secondary storage type and size. InsightEdge as-a-service enables you to load data from a database or file and store it in-memory or at secondary storage tier using defined business logic.

How can I select GigaSpaces sample applications?

Sample applications such as Flights Delay are available as part of your trial account configuration. You are able to select your preferred application to be added to the Zeppelin Notebook and appear at the getting started link.

Can I add additional users to my trial account?

Yes. After account creation, you will see at your trial login screen several links – selected sample application, Ops Manager etc. At the left side of the screen there is a Users menu item with the ability to send invitations and share the account with additional users.

How can I easily review the loaded data and deployed services at my trial account?

Use GigaSpaces Ops Manager link to review both deployed services with their status, and your space/s with loaded data.

How can I contact the GigaSpaces support team?

If you have any technical questions related to our GigaSpaces Cloud offering, please contact support@gigaspaces.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens to my account after my trial has ended?

At the end of the 14-day free trial, your account will be deactivated. Your account data will be deleted 60 days after the end of the trial. If you wish to extend your trial or continue to use our product in production, please contact marketing@gigaspaces.com. You may also request to schedule a meeting with one of our technical solution architects to discuss your specific technical needs.