Global HTTP Session Management

Get Maximum performance, scalability & availability of your web application with GigaSpaces Global HTTP Session Management.

Global HTTP Session Management provides session replication between remote sites and session sharing between different app servers in real time and in a transparent manner.

Session replication can be done between any Java app and any web server - with no code change! With simple configuration you can be up and running in few minutes.

GigaSpaces Global HTTP Session Management backs up the session by in-memory data grid for fault tolerance and high-availability, so your customers can have a great user experience without interruptions or delays that might be caused by machine or data center failure.

How it works

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Key benefits:

High availability
Caching HTTP sessions within the in-memory data-grid ensures that the session is always on. In case of failover your application servers can restart transparently without any session data loss. When deployed to remote data centers it can also ensure continuity in case of data center failure.

GigaSpaces Global HTTP Session Management supports all major JEE servers on the market. It enables you to manage your sessions and share them across any Java application and web server.
Improved user experience
Caching user preferences and session information on external JVMs boosts the performance of your application and improves the user experience.
Unlimited scalability
Scale to an unlimited number of sessions and concurrent users using share nothing in memory architecture.
Super easy to deploy & use
GigaSpaces HTTP session management is a feature of XAP. Configuring it is simple and does not involve any code changes to the application. It also provides you with total session visibility – you can view session content in real time, which can help you with troubleshooting your application.

Use Cases

Global HTTP Session Management replicates sessions over the http across remote data centers, across different cloud availability-zones, or across different cloud providers, ensuring disaster recovery in case of a crash.

By leveraging XAP’s Multi-Site Data Replication capabilities, we also ensure that your data is synchronized across the http in a consistent, failure-proof, and scalable way – providing your business comprehensive disaster protection.

Disaster Recovery

GigaSpaces Global HTTP Session Management allows you to manage your sessions and share them across any Java application and web server, giving you the flexibility to gradually migrate from one JEE server to another

Session Management Flexibility

Global HTTP Session Management supports both sticky and non-sticky sessions.

HTTP Session Management allows you use a sticky session mode on your load balancer, so the HTTP request associated with a session instance is always routed to the same web container. If there is a web container failure, other web containers take over and have the most up-to-date session retrieved from the in-memory data grid.

You can also use a non-sticky session mode on your load balancer so your requests can move across multiple web application instances seamlessly. This provides an automatic failover mechanism and also improves application performance since the session isalways updated across instances

Automatic Failover



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Global HTTP Session Management