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GigaSpaces InsightEdge Selected as Preferred Solution by Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

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Recognized for its simplified architecture for millisecond industries in report: Everyone Wants ‘Real-Time Analytic Insights--but Which Architecture Will Get You There?

New York, NY — February 6, 2018 — GigaSpaces, a leading provider of in-memory computing (IMC) and advanced analytics platforms, was recognized by Frost & Sullivan’s Jeff Cotrupe, in his recent Stratecast report on real-time analytics: Everyone Wants ‘Real-Time Analytic Insights--but Which Architecture Will Get You There? In the piece, Cotrupe named InsightEdge, GigaSpaces’ insight platform, as the preferred solution for financial markets, cybersecurity, adtech, retail/e-commerce, mobile communication, media, energy, and many other sectors that must adapt to “a millisecond economy.”

“InsightEdge helps users unlock immediate insights right as data is born, empowering time-to- analytics at sub-second scale,” said Cotrupe. “Unifying transactional and analytical data in a single strong, consistent transactional layer enables closed-loop analytics where immediate insights instantly impact associated applications for improved business value.”

The report explores ways to build an infrastructure that supports real-time analytics, including two and three-tier architectures. It concludes that InsightEdge is the preferred approach.

“The first step in obtaining real-time analytic insights, leveraging AI and machine learning, is ensuring that an organization’s data that’s pertinent to decision-making is accurate and available for analytical processing,” said Nadav Finish, CTO of GigaSpaces. “The report by Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan highlights the benefits of our architecture, and InsightEdge’s synergy with open-source Spark and Kafka as we help our customers instantly turn insights into action.”

Everyone Wants ‘Real-Time Analytic Insights’ but Which Architecture Will Get You There? discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that have arisen from Apache Software Foundation projects and Incubators. While Apache has been a tremendous driver for real-time analytics, it inadvertently created confusion in the market with support for complementary and/or competing product sets. Other vendors mentioned in the report include Spark distribution and other prominent in-memory solutions.

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anded important partnerships, and launched a variety of initiatives that allow our customers to simplify and accelerate big-data and advanced analytics innovation,” said Adi Paz. “With a deeper leadership team and strong roadmap in place, we’ll continue to meet the growing needs of enterprises across the globe, as they transform into insight-driven organizations.”


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GigaSpaces provides software for in-memory computing, fast data analytics, and cloud orchestration through two product lines, InsightEdge and XAP In-Memory Computing. Hundreds of Tier-1 and Fortune-listed organizations worldwide leverage GigaSpaces technology to empower the real-time digital enterprise and accelerate digital transformation. Primary sectors include financial services, retail, transportation, telecom, and healthcare. GigaSpaces offices are located in the US, Europe and Asia. More at and

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