November 6, 2018 - November 7, 2018
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Insight-Driven Organization Event, Munich Nov 06, 2018

If yourself are facing a scalability challenge or have not yet proved yourself successful in bringing in real-time angle to your work – this executive event is for you.

Event Details

In today’s fast-paced world of “now,” combined with the exponential growth of data and connected devices (IoT), organizations strive to get from data to real-time insights to action at sub-second latency. Ingesting, aggregating and analyzing massive amounts of real-time data enriched with historical context results in faster, smarter insights that will fuel a successful digital transformation.

Enterprises that can leverage AI and machine learning at scale, in real-time, will outperform their competitors, transforming the way they deliver customer and product experiences and optimize business operations.


Tuesday, November 6

  • 8:30Coffee & Networking

  • 09:30Welcome Note

  • 09:40Yoav Einav, VP Product, GigaSpaces – Achieving Actionable Data Insights for Enterprise Innovation

  • 10:20Yuval Lavi, VP Technology & Innovation, Magic Software Enterprise – Powering IoT Integration Solutions: Turning Data from Sensors into Real-time Actionable Insights

  • 10:50Professor Dr. Michael Capone, University of Hamburg – Exponential Thinking. Where is the Digital Transformation?

  • 11:50Q&A

  • 12:00Lunch


Yoav Einav, VP Product, GigaSpaces


Yuval Lavi, VP Technology & Innovation, Magic Software Enterprise


Professor Dr. Michael Capone, University of Hamburg


Munich, Germany

Design Office Nove, Munich, Germany