Digital banks are disrupting a centuries-old industry. Free of costly legacy service channels such as brick-and-mortar branches, ATMs and call centers, digital banks are reinventing consumer banking with a customer-centric approach. But in order to effectively compete with established banks, digital banks need IT infrastructure that supports rapid innovation and the launching of new services.

InsightEdge Smart DIH is a distributed in-memory Digital Integration Hub with unparalleled low-latency, high-performance and scale and a microservices architecture. It offers digital banks a competitive edge with the agility to rapidly introduce new digital applications and services.


With an agile microservices architecture, InsightEdge Smart ODS powers an innovation strategy. Digital banks can develop and launch new services 6 times faster than before.
Whether it’s via a website or a mobile app, digital banks can provide a superior customer experience with a millisecond-level response time. A consistent instantaneous response time due to super in-memory low latency can set a digital bank apart from its competitors.
Smart ODS’ distributed in-memory data platform allows digital banks to run AI and ML models in real-time, with access to all relevant data, fresh and historic. This can power unique features such as two-minutes loan approval, real-time fraud detection with fewer false positives, or personalized recommendations.
GigaSpaces InsightEdge’s high-speed in-memory data platform accelerates your existing BI tools by 10-30X with sharding, filtering and server-side dynamic aggregations. Fully SQL compliant, InsightEdge supports multi-criteria queries without the need to add resources.

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