Cloudify your most complex apps on OpenStack with one click.

Automate and orchestrate your DevOps process with Cloudify’s free, open source software platform. Easily setup, deploy, monitor, auto-repair
and scale your mission critical applications.


Supported Frameworks

Cloud Providers


Model and deploy your applications using Cloudify recipes.

Define application tiers and their dependencies for even the most complex apps. Specify how to install with Chef, Puppet or your own scripts. Assign compute, storage and network resources to each tier. Sit back and let Cloudify orchestrate the deployment, doing all the hard work for you.


Knowing how your application is doing on the cloud through on-going management has never been trivial. With Cloudify's powerful alert mechanisms, on-going monitoring of system level and tier level KPIs, and smart visualizations of the HTML5 web dashboard, managing your app in the cloud has never been easier. Update, reconfigure and undeploy in a snap using the Web UI, CLI or REST API.


Add and remove instances manually using Web UI, CLI or REST API. Cloudify will do all the rest for you, including provisioning cloud resources and installing all the relevant application components. Or, simply define thresholds on key metrics and let Cloudify decide when it's time to spin up a few more instances or take down some of the exiting ones.

Multi Cloud

Future-proof your apps to run on OpenStack at a later stage and move to OpenStack when you are ready without any additional investment. 
Deploy your app on a hybrid cloud, transforming your existing, non-OpenStack data center into OpenStack, making the migration process smooth.
Migrate to a hybrid cloud between OpenStack and other non-OpenStack cloud environments such as Amazon, Azure etc for disaster recovery, cloud bursting and migration purposes. Provide consistent management and deployment for your applications between different OpenStack providers.

Cloud Partners

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