GigaSpaces Leverages Citrix OpenCloud to Deliver Flexible and Open PaaS Solution

GigaSpaces Builds on the Success of OpenStack by Accelerating Choice for Enterprise Cloud App Development

GigaSpaces and Citrix are joining forces to provide an open, scalable platform for the development of enterprise cloud applications.
GigaSpaces will leverage Citrix OpenCloud to offer a truly open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform that will enable developers to use any hypervisor,  development language and runtime of their choosing - including Java,.Net, PHP and Spring - to develop and scale applications for even the largest clouds.


Facts and Highlights

The GigaSpaces open PaaS platform will provide the following benefits:

  • Openness: An enterprise-grade hybrid cloud stack solution that includes OpenStack-based IaaS and PaaS, and is open to a wide
    variety of application platforms, including Java, non-Java, Net, and Spring.

  • Flexibility: Develop applications with a choice of application stacks (Tomcat, MySQL, NoSQL (Cassandra), Hadoop, Ruby, etc.) and handle provisioning, elasticity, multi-tenancy, continuous high availability, and monitoring of those services in a consistent way across the stack.

  • Integration: By leveraging the Citrix OpenCloud solution GigaSpaces will provide tighter integration between the platform and the infrastructure layers to up-level services offered through OpenStack clouds.

  • Scalability: Enterprises can use GigaSpaces as the enterprise PaaS layer that is specifically geared for big-data analytics, e-commerce, and financial applications.

  • SaaS-Enable: Ability for SaaS ISVs to SaaS-enable applications while delivering the same solution off- and on-premises.


GigaSpaces Integration with Citrix OpenCloud Platform Eases Creation of Elastic Data Center Environments

GigaSpaces XAP is a high-end application server with the world's leading in-memory data grid built in. Integration with Citrix NetScaler and Citrix XenServer provides enterprises with a fully integrated, optimized, and elastic application platform.

The joint solution addresses the need for seamless infrastructure and application scalability and elasticity, and enables IT managers to scale out complex  applications that were not designed to do so, which in turn lowers the barrier to hosting mission-critical applications on a cloud infrastructure, whether on the  enterprise's own private cloud or a hybrid cloud spanning on- and off-premises data centers.

The GigaSpaces-Citrix integration provides IT organizations with unique benefits, whether working with traditional high-performance enterprise applications or ext-gen PaaS-based applications. Together, Citrix and GigaSpaces technologies enable automatically adding or reducing infrastructure based on application requirements, while also delivering critical always-on availability, security, and application acceleration services.


Solution Highlights 

The GigaSpaces open PaaS platform will provide the following benefits:

  • Openness: GigaSpaces and Citrix together support Spring, J2EE, and .NET apps, so that enterprises are not locked into
    developing applications to a single framework.

  • Elasticity: The joint solution makes applications more elastic. Existing applications that were not originally designed to scale out can now dynamically scale with minimal changes to existing application code.

  • Evolutionary path to the cloud: Scaling out is critical to taking advantage of cloud capacity. The Citrix-GigaSpaces solution enables apps to automatically grow or shrink to meet fluctuating capacity requirements. Dynamic scaling coupled with GigaSpaces' caching capabilities makes it possible to extend apps using a hybrid cloud without compromising application performance.

  • Key enterprise service levels: The NetScaler application firewall and SSL VPN features provide critical security and compliance.
    Sophisticated L4-7 traffic management minimizes load on servers, guarantees availability, and enables apps to run faster. 


GigaSpaces Leverages Citrix OpenCloud to Deliver Flexible and Open PaaS Solution