Worldwide Real-Time Data Replication for Investment Trading

Case Studies

Worldwide Real-Time Data Replication for Trading Investment

A Top 10 European Banking and Financial Services Company


This top 10 European banking and financial services company, is active across Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific, and focuses on retail banking, corporate investments and global investments.

Business Challenge

This customer was looking for a caching and data replication platform integrated on top of an Oracle solution to build platform services for their trading and investment management system.

Specific Queries and analytics:

  • Query stock price movement of specific sets of data, margin calculation, passed orders and support a highly flexible reporting tier in real-time from anywhere in the world
  • Analytics for  market activity and customized reports


Technical Challenge

  • Replicate data worldwide in near real-time latency for both backend and frontend systems
  • Fast data access tier that could return customized queries in sub-second latency to the backend, frontend and the analytical engine simultaneously


With GigaSpaces’ in-memory real-time analytics platform and  GigaSpaces WAN Gateway, this customer was able to simply configure for multi-site replication and achieve real-time access and reporting on 15 days of data:

  • ~ 22M objects
  • 870M reads per day at < 1ms
  • 70M writes/updates/removes per day at ~1ms
  • 20M notifications

The solution also allowed for high availability at all times.


Data Replication



  • Real-time access and reporting on 15 days of data: ~ 22 M objects
  • 870 M reads per day at < 1ms
  • 70 M writes/updates/removes per day at ~1ms
  • 20 M notifications
  •  Zero downtime
  • Simple configuration for multi-site replication
  • Interaction with database: Data load + Persistency