Real-time Global Data Replication & Business Continuity Supporting Hundreds of Applications

Case Studies

Real-time Global Data Replication for Business Continuity & Mission-Critical Data Availability for Hundreds of Applications

A Top 10 European Banking and Financial Services Company Case Study


A top 10 European banking and financial services company, active across Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific,  who focuses on retail banking, corporate investments and global investments.


Business Challenge

This customer needed to calculate risks with extremely low latency (sub-second),  and improve overall performance of hundreds of applications in multiple geographies. They were also searching to achieve ‘full’ automation, consistency and resiliency and reduce manual intervention to the minimum.


Technical Challenge

  • Ingest millions of data objects per day and provide ~half a billion reads with over 100 million notifications
  • Distribute referential data from heterogeneous sources (golden applications) to client applications using standardized modeling while preserving data consistency
  • Provide standard services: real-time notification, request/reply, xml2file, xml2database


Real-time Global Data Replication with GigaSpaces



  • Worldwide platform deployed in Paris, New-York and Hong-Kong
  • Access to data in < 1ms
  • Single source of truth (data consistency) for hundreds of services, cache and web applications in multi-geographies
  • Zero downtime – sub-millisecond performance for users across global sites