Insurance Asset Exposure and Risk Management

Case Studies

Insurance Asset Exposure and Risk Management

The Company

An international supplier of on-demand infrastructure exchanges to the insurance industry.

The Challenge

The company developed a solution to calculate the risk of exposed insured assets in the case of natural or man-made catastrophes. For example, a hurricane predictive model can identify the expected path of a storm. The respective geographic area may contain multiple insured houses and vehicles. In order to assess the insurer asset exposure, millions of data points need to be analyzed including the insured asserts, weather, IoT sensor data, and existing claims data from various disparate systems. Using a relational database was not feasible as it took 20 hours to analyze just a single state.

The Solution

InsightEdge Smart Cache was implemented to replace an MS SQL relational database.


The company was able to reduce run time from 20 hours to 8 minutes. This allows them to run multiple risk calculation jobs a day, changing assumptions and implementing complex what-if scenarios. 

Below is a comparison of GigaSpaces vs. the MS SQL Server showing performance in seconds as a function of the number of policies processed. For example, when processing 3M policies, GigaSpaces was 50x faster than MS SQL Server.

GigaSpaces Linear Advantage