Digital Transformation at an Enterprise Insurance Company

Case Studies

Digital Transformation at an Enterprise Insurance Company

The Company 

One of the largest insurance companies in northern Europe with over 4 million customers.

The Business Challenge

As the company was growing to be the largest insurance firm in its market, heavy reliance on legacy infrastructure introduced significant latency in its digital processes. This had a negative impact on customer satisfaction, as customers were limited in what they could accomplish on the website in a self service manner.

In addition, the company needed to increase operational efficiency within its internal processes, including the contact center staff that were dealing with legacy applications.

The Technical Challenge

The company lacked an operational data store. Multiple mainframe systems were supporting different business units such as property & casualty, health and life. Customers and internal users sometimes had to wait 10-20 seconds for a response from the system. Those systems of record had limited capacity for additional load, limiting the company’s ability to introduce new digital services.

The Solution

InsightEdge Smart ODS was implemented to consolidate data from multiple systems of record. It provides a single view of the data, powered by in-memory data platform.


The microservices architecture enables the company to quickly introduce new services with quick access to data from multiple systems of record. Response time improved dramatically, with queries that used to take 10-20 seconds now finishing within 50 milliseconds.