Centralized Account Authentication

Case Studies

Centralized Account Authentication

One of the Largest Brokerage Firms in the US Reduces Mainframe Costs by $7 Million Dollars


One of the Largest Brokerage Firms in the US

Business Challenge

The bank wanted to build a centralized account authorization mechanism for applications supporting multiple languages with low latency & high performance.

They required:

  • An always-on account authorization with low-latency response times for the growing number of users from new mobile applications
  • A solution to reduce queries from mainframe, to lower TCO
  • Centralized  account information from various databases


Technical Challenge

  • Millisecond business requirements
  • Mission critical availability
  • Elastic scalability
  • Ability to support multiple applications, and handle large amount of mobile users



GigaSpaces in-memory real-time data and analytics platform delivered a seamless, always-on, millisecond response times for a superb customer experience specifically from the growing usage from mobile applications.

  • Seamlessly integrated with existing mainframe
  • Provided elastic scalability for growing and peak loads
  • Microservices architecture powered fast-to-market modern services



  • Centralized account authorization information
  • Reduction of $7 million annually on MIPS usage
  • No downtime since deployment
  • Excellent user experience for over 10 million users
  • 1 TB data grid, stores accounts, user sessions, profiles