Real-Time Market Risk BI Application

Case Studies

Real-Time Market Risk BI Application


An American multinational investment bank and financial services company with over $40B in annual revenues.

Business Challenge

Traders and risk managers need a real-time accurate view of the risk across their portfolios in order to stay within their guidelines.

Technical Challenge

Before implementing InsightEdge Smart Cache, the bank experienced very high latency, leading to poor real-time performance. In addition, the system could not handle more than a few concurrent users. 


Each stock position in every managed portfolio is stored within Smart Cache, over 52 partitions, with 52 backup partitions

A web application aggregates intraday risk measures such as NET P&L, DELTA, MARKET VALUE etc. Traders use an interactive dashboard to view their portfolio risk measures in real-time during trading hours. Risk managers can view risk levels of multiple portfolios, entire categories or even at the bank level.


  • Traders get a real-time view of their portfolio risk
  • Querying the entire data risk dashboard data takes 100 milliseconds, giving traders a real-time view of their portfolio risk
  • Over 100 concurrent traders and analysts